Noveling Day 1

I’ve been thinking about writing this novel for years. I have notes scattered around, snippets written to understand the characters, and the slight beginning of an outline. Today’s the day I officially start. Let’s see how long it takes to a first draft, shall we?

I don’t have the title yet, so I’ve just been calling it “Opera”, as in space opera. I will be taking a short break to revise a novelette after I receive critiques, but otherwise my goal is to plow on to a first draft, at which point I want to set it aside and write a short story I’ve been simmering on as a reward. Fortunately, said short story requires me to do some research, so can get on that, right?

My goal for today: Get everything organized in one Scrivener file so I can see what I’ve got and create a plan for Day 2. I’ve learned I do much better if I end the day knowing where to start the next.

I’m going in! Send the dogs if you don’t hear back in three months.

3 thoughts on “Noveling Day 1

  1. Kudos to you!
    My biggest lessons from my own attempts:
    1) Guard your writing time fiercely. If you’re folding laundry, you’re not in the zone.
    2) Sometimes the best way through a plot clinch is to break it into small questions, WRITE the questions down, and then think really hard.
    3) I was watching the silent version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and it was so sllooowww. I realized it was because the director would do takes in which we got to see everything a character did, such as come out of a door, walk down a hall, and go into another door. There are whole pages, scenes, and very nearly chapters in my second book that I realized were just my hero walking down the stupid hall.

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