Nadya Duke is a licensed electrical engineer who likes writing even more than she likes math. She currently works as a product manager for a pretty nifty software company. Nadya is a graduate of the Viable Paradise writing workshop.

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  1. I understand everything you said. A breather is what you need to allow your corporate-addled brain to reset. Also, I imagine you have plenty of reference and “how to write good” books, but I strongly recommend Lawrence Block’s “Telling Lies for Fun and Profit.”

    As for the self-directed part, if you haven’t already thought of this, I suggest rereading two or three of your favorite books, then tearing them down scene by scene,* taking notes on what the author is doing. It takes awhile, but what better teachers would you want?

    *Because you’re not going to live forever, I would not do this with “Dune.”


  2. The bit in the May ?? post about interviewing people and finding wonderful people that don’t fit your immediate needs struck home. It had never quite occurred to me that a similar thing must happen to editors all the time.


  3. Guess who? Someone just posted an old picture of us on Facebook that was taken at an ROTC HS ball. My wife suggested that I look you up and say hi. Often think about you and wonder how you are doing. Always hoped for the best for you because you truly deserved it.


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