First goal established

I’ve never written a novel, but I have figured out that you can’t do it all at once. So I’ve been working at how to break it down, and especially how to know enough that I can keep writing on days when I can’t stop and remember the whole book.

I’ve figured out enough of the books’s structure that I see a way to the first big crisis.
1. Set up
2. Get more characters/gather team during which our heroes have 2 problems they must resolve with varying degrees of success.
3. Get to the apparent goal.
4. Surprise!

That’s basically the first act as I see it today. And I think I know enough to write it, though I have SO much to make up still. Like more characters. And names. Names are at least as hard in writing as they are in computer science.

And then words: 250 whole words!

Audio story – The story of my kidnapping and escape

In all the news coverage of the Cleveland kidnappings, I was most struck by Amanda Berry’s immense courage in initiating an escape. I imagined the feeling she had in choosing that action was a much scarier version of a feeling I had 41 years ago. I am always fascinated by the discrete moments when things change — for example, that split second when a decision becomes irrevocable.

Listening to the news coverage of the story on NPR I realized that after all these years I had edited the telling my own kidnapping down to a few facts, a shorthand. I no longer told the full story of what had happened to me. Suddenly, it was important to do my own story justice. Plus, I’ve had a hankering to learn more about storytelling since I heard a fabulous storyteller reenacting the Battle of Britain at the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth. I decided then and there, in the ramp metering queue for I-5, to find and take a storytelling class.

The very next day I got an email from ComedySportz about a new storytelling class that was starting, and I was available for all the class dates and for the final performance. Only a little stunned by the swiftness with which God and the universe had responded to my decision, I signed up. With the help of my classmates and teacher, the wonderful Kelley Tyner McAllister, I told my story properly.

Now, you can listen to it as well: Story of my kidnapping and escape