Viable Paradise 17 Acceptance

I know when I was obsessively googling researching others who’d applied to Viable Paradise, I always wanted to know who got in. So, future googler, I got in!

There was a happy dance, but Jim, mercifully, has not shared the video with anyone. After the week long glow wore off, I started to dig into making sure I’d read something by each of the teachers. It also makes me feel as if it’s more essential to make time to write, as if out of respect for the upcoming investment of so many people’s time, and my own, in my writing.

Bonus is that it gave me an excuse to reread Freedom and Necessity by Stephen Brust and Emma Bull and I love it even more this time, than when I read it 15 years ago.

Viable Paradise Submission is Done

This process reminded me of applying to colleges. Since I wanted to turn an existing short story into novel, I had to write a synopsis for the first time, and that hurt. AND I had to write a cover letter about my background and why I want to go to VP. I wanted to just say “because I want to write good some day” but refrained.

Submissions close June 15 and from reading other blogs it seems they send out notices pretty quickly after that. So now back to Garbage Day! It should be nice to get back to a story after a month of synopsis and cover letter obsessing.