The First Post

It’s probably best you just read The About.
But since it will probably eventually change, here it is as it stands today:

This is a place for me to keep a diary of my brain as I work to become a published science fiction author.

Last year, in the midst of the Great Recession, I voluntarily quit my very nice corporate job in order to work part-time and use the other part-of-the-time to write. I underestimated how much I needed to have a breather first. But my break is over and I’m ready to work.

Being a writer means writing. This blog is to give me another place to write when the fiction isn’t flowing, and my thoughts need more than 140 characters to sort themselves out. It will also be a diary of sorts as I put myself through my own self-directed graduate seminar in fiction writing.

Was that enough to convince you not to hit the RSS button?

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